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Minded of Pan

I thoroughly enjoyed this short. Excellent graphics, music, and the narrator added a nice touch.


I am in awe of this series. I know how being in a relationship that is argued against so ferociously is. This is inspiring and gives more hope to people everywhere that face discrimination and prejudice everywhere.

Anyone that dislikes this should have part of their brain removed and put in a jar. I loved this series and it gave me the chills. Great work.

Skwerlz in da brain!

Pillsy never fails to bring a smile to my face along with Germaine's confused looks. B=E=A=U=T=I=F=U=L!!!1

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Great concept. The graphics and music are good. It just doesn't really do much for me for playability. There is no real play aspect to it.

Great play, nicely rendered scenes. I can see that many people might be miffed that it's similar to "Submachine", but I find it a very good play in it's own right.

One downside was the infuriatingly small "hotspots" for finding essential and nonessential elements.

I love the idea though, the plot seems as though it's opening up for something far more grounded than Submachine.

The graphics could have better and it was a little lackluster on the part of plot and upgrades. Enough upgrades to do the job, but the job finished pretty quick too. Fair enough as a game.

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Well, if it helps your moral compass any, catbug is voiced by a six year old boy. Food for thought.

Tim Burton style?

I like the subject matter a lot, Death is a prevalent aspect in our lives. We think therefore we fear and such. I think more time and effort could be placed in the detail, though you may be on your way to a strong stylized approach to art. Also, ALWAYS make sure that if you use ANY form of type in a piece of art that you make the art and the characters compliment each other. I don't mean to nitpick, but the darkness of your words in this does not follow suit with the mostly mid-tone theme.

Nicely done.

Very good stylistically. It's very smooth, yet not to the point of soft. A very expressive style. The detail and color choices are excellent in my opinion.

I would have very much liked to see this completed. Alas, I know the difficulty of working with technology when it decides what IT wants to do.

Working a shitty job and making absolutely nothing. This is my distraction from responsibility and everything else productive I COULD be doing. Oh well.

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