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Posted by Angfaust - February 26th, 2011

I'm too tired to make too much sense at the moment. Quitting smoking is fraying my nerves, and I just don't have it in me to continue my irate behavior.

Apparently it's okay to post porn in the art forum if it has tits and an ass. If it lacks the preceding qualities, it is offensive, or so I've yet to be proven otherwise. Apparently it's preferable to bring people a hard-on as opposed to an intellectual experience.

Also, my "textbook" art criticisms aren't good enough anymore. Yes, I'm getting a degree in Fine Art. No, that does not mean that my criticisms are based on some sort of indoctrination. The dumb ass that posted the picture below expressly stated that the piece was simply porn. I criticized it for being such, as the Art Portal is supposed to frown upon porn. Looks like hypocrisy isn't only popular among most members, but it seems the moderators too.

But no, they don't see it that way at all, do they?

Another lowering of the intellectual bar.

Posted by Angfaust - July 12th, 2010

So it seems these days that many people are getting into art. Some are rather good and others not so much, though I am in no way discouraging those with less talent than others. What one lacks in talent, one should make up with in persistence.
A consistent theme, though, among most "artists" on this site is a strong distaste towards the male body. Male nudity, to let those in the peanut gallery know, does not parallel with homosexuality. This rigid, outdated theme of only naked women for art causes me a great deal of angst. Most of what women are portrayed in isn't art, it's porn. Porn is NOT art. Art can range into material that, viewed by the ignorant would be considered porn. Art uses "sexually explicit" scenes with intent, not for jacking off to.
The male body is equal to the female body in beauty. To answer the question that everyone begs the answer to: It's because they're both the same species. If anyone cares to argue it, a female body is just a male body with generally more delicate features, breasts and a vagina. Fuck this idea of what art and sexuality mean when made or viewed. A male drawing or viewing another male is NOT inherently gay. It's all about intent.

Posted by Angfaust - August 31st, 2008

I'm tired of people ragging on gays, it's annoying as hell that this one thing should bother people so much. The breeders out there aren't much better, arrogant, senseless, animalistic- the list could go on and on. You want me to be kinder to the straight people of the world? Give me one good reason to be nice.

If there's anyone out there that should be ashamed its the hate mongers of this world. I hate to bring up religion, but it's completely relevant. A Christian preacher once told me, "It's not about the sins you commit, but the good you do with the time you have." Gays are like anyone else, they can be good or bad depending on their environment and peers.

First they ignore you,
Then they laugh at you,
Then they fight you,
Then you win.

Damn Breeders.